12 Ways to Change Your Life in 2022

Keep reading to explore 12 monthly ideas to try this year!

January — Tackle one thing you’ve been putting off.

Out with the old, in with the new. There’s no shame in bringing some of last year’s to-do list into 2022.

  • Making an appointment with your doctor, dentist, etc.
  • Booking your self-care days for the year you already know you’ll need
  • Clearing clutter that has been piling up on your desk or in a drawer
  • Meeting with someone you look up to for some advice or inspiration
  • Emptying that email inbox and starting fresh
  • Finally having that **chat with your boss

February — Reflect on your passions.

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to recalibrate and get a better sense of your North Star.

  • What excites and drives you?
  • What new passions have you discovered in the past year or what are you hoping to explore further this year?
  • Which topics could you talk about all day?

March — Check in on those finances.

The concept of financial wellbeing is truly underrated. It doesn’t help that it’s also severely forgotten in many educational institutions, so it can be difficult to know if how you’re handling your finances is the best way without a mentor or some guidance.

  • Your monthly budget
  • Your credit card habits
  • Any savings/investments
  • How much are you spending each year on business- or education-related expenses?
  • Are there discounts or free opportunities offered by your school or company you should start exploring?
  • And most critically for professionals — am I making a fair salary? How does inflation impact my way of living from my hourly wage or salary? Is it time to ask for a raise or find other sources of income?

April — Spring clean your online profiles.

If you have absolutely no social media or Internet presence, perhaps focus on spring cleaning that room in the house where a bunch of junk has accumulated over the past year.

  • an updated resume
  • new skills learned
  • projects completed or in progress

May — Spring clean your commitments.

Now that you’ve cleaned up your social media accounts, let’s kick it up a notch.

  • you feel can be given to others
  • you don’t learn from
  • or that exhaust you,

June — Consider starting a side hustle.

Starting a side hustle is both a personal and professional goal.

July — Learn something new.

This one may seem obvious, but there is so much power in learning something new that genuinely interests you enough that you actually retain it.

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Documentaries
  • Online classes
  • Chatting with a peer or mentor
  • Observing the world around you

August — Meet someone new.

To the introverts or shy folks reading this, hello. This is not meant to scare you away.

  • A co-worker you’ve never had a personal or casual conversation with
  • Someone at your company or institution who you look up to
  • A role model of yours that you reach out to on LinkedIn
  • A person in the same club or organization as you that you want to get to know more
  • Hoping on a dating/befriending app
  • Finding a pen pal
  • Hopping on a Discord channel with likeminded folks
  • Finding online groups or community events

September — Ask for feedback.

Asking others to critique you in any way can be completely terrifying. If you’re nervous about asking for feedback, you’re human.

  • What is something I can do to become a better team player?
  • What sort of knowledge should I learn to better support my co-workers?
  • Am I meeting the expectations you had of me at the start of this year/quarter/week?
  • Is there anything I can do to make your life easier this week?
  • How do you think I can improve the way I communicate with you?
  • Do you ever feel like I cross boundaries in our relationship?
  • Is there anything I do that bothers you but you haven’t wanted to bring up?
  • How can I better support your growth?
  • How do you think I can improve the way I communicate with you?
  • Do you ever feel bombarded with my presence in your life?

October — Leave your comfort zone.

Personal Comfort Zone

  • Raising your hand more in class
  • Signing up for a fitness group class
  • Sharing more of what you create with others
  • Speaking up or presenting a demo at a meeting
  • Offering to help a co-worker and take some work off of their plate
  • Exploring a new technology or process you’re unfamiliar with
  • Taking on a stretch assignment with an entirely new team

November — Show gratitude to the people in your life.

When is the last time you really showed gratitude to the people in your life? Most of us probably don’t even think about what we’re grateful for enough, better yet share with others when we feel grateful for them.

  • sharing with them that they crossed your mind
  • letting them know you’re grateful for their presence in your life
  • sending them an update on your own life and checking in on theirs
  • revisiting an update from your last conversation with them and checking in

December — Reflect on the year.

What parts of 2022 contributed to the person you are going to be in 2023?



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